Gift Bag L
Give your loved one a Rata Planang as a gift


Gift Bag L

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Product Name Gift Bag L
Price $2.40
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Overview Give your loved one a Rata Planang as a gift

Give your loved one a Rata Planang as a gift

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      Product Name Gift Bag L
      Weight/Capacity size. 335 x 100 x 270 (mm)
      Key Features All Types
      Expiration or Use-by Date Marked separately
      Major Distributor BIG BAND & Co.
      Manufacturing Country Republic of Korea
      Test Status by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS)
      Dosage & Administration
      Efficacy & Effects
      Precautions for Use
      Quality Assurance Standards In case of product abnormality, compensation will be made according to the Dispute Resolution Criteria of the Fair Trade Commission (FTC).
      Customer Service +82-2-3144-3665
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Gift Bag L

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rataplan gift bag

It contains White Truffle Oil and Phytocollagen to
perfect silkier, denser skin.

Gift Bag L


A key to unbreakable skin firming

Low-molecular weight Phytocollagen penetrates
deep into skin to increase its density,
White Truffle forms a skin-firming film, and Blackberry Leaf
suppresses the production of collagenase.

White collagen

White Truffle Extract—dubbed diamond from the ground—and low-molecular weight Phytocollagen, which is 5-6 times smaller than animal collagen, quickly penetrate skin for anti-aging action and to wake up skin. White Truffle Extract and Blackberry Extract form a firming film.

Synergistic firming effect with moisturizing skin barrier components

Hyaluronic acid—which delivers collagen where it is needed—and ceramide, which forms skin barrier to prevent collagen damage, prevent wrinkles and moisture loss, maximizing the synergistic firming effect.


How to use

Absorption rate UP with steam effect

Gently apply all over the face and rub the palms several times. Cover the entire face with the warmed palms and press gently as if pushing the cream into skin. The steam effect further enhances the absorption rate.

Relieve the stimulation with a sleeping pack

On days when you need to soothe your sensitive skin caused by external stimuli, apply more than the usual amount. You can experience clearer, more comfortable skin the next day.

Perfection of firm base makeup

Try blending it with base makeup products. You can have a moisturized, firm look with soft glow.

Clean beauty

rataplan gift bag

It mask to hydrate dry skin and
come in close contact with skin

Love giving day sheet mask


Save the Children

Proceeds from the Love Giving Day Sheet Mask
will be donated to Save the Children and
to create a safe environment where children
can dream at home and abroad.

illustrated by Jae-ho Kim
The Love Giving Day Sheet Mask packaging
was designed under the talent donation of Jae-ho Kim,
who has warmly captured love stories of
everyday life through writing and drawing.


The plant-derived peptide from fair trade provides superb moisturizing.

The product uses natural acacia peptides obtained by fair trade through partnership with women's cooperatives in Burkina Faso in Africa to repair damaged skin barrier and provide superb moisturizing to skin.

The naturally derived eucalyptus sheet is full of moisture and is in close contact with skin

The eco-friendly eucalyptus sheet with hydrophilic nano structure has excellent moisture content and absorption rate. It delivers the moisture well with low skin irritation and comes in contact with skin softly and comfortably without stickiness.


How to use

After face washing, prepare skin texture, attach the sheet mask to the face, remove the mask after about 10-20 minutes, and lightly tap the remaining essence to promote absorption.

Clean beauty

rataplan gift bag

순천만 청정 미나리로 완성하는
열 진정 케어의 시작

라타플랑 미나리 진정 5종 세트


라타플랑 미나리 진정 5종 세트 제품 구성

check_circle 미나리 진정 토너 210ml
check_circle 미나리 진정 세럼 50ml
check_circle 미나리 진정 수분크림 75ml
check_circle 미나리 진정 클렌저 150ml
check_circle 미나리 진정 선크림 50ml
check_circle 전용 기프트백

Rataplan Water Parsley Calming Line, delivering the clean energy of Suncheon Bay in Korea, one of the world's 5 largest wetlands

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