Beauty of Korean, rataplan
New Brand Identity & Product Design

Rataplan is the most Korean-like clean beauty brand completed through verification of Korean women who have developed a high aesthetic standard in an extreme environment with constantly changing four seasons by newly interpreting ingredients picked and selected from the nature of Korea with technology beneficial to skin and earth.

Brand Essence

Beauty of Korean

Rataplan found the answer to daily skin troubles in Korea. We have newly interpreted ingredients carefully selected from Korea’s nature with technology beneficial to skin and earth. Our products were completed through the verification of Korean women who came to have strict and high aesthetic standards in an environment with extreme weather changes all four seasons.

Brand Promise

Commitment to
Clean Beauty

Reliable ingredients & clean raw materials.
We eliminate harmful ingredients and stick to healthy ingredients derived from nature and safe for your skin.

Compliance with Sephora Clean Beauty Standards.
Free of harmful ingredients regarding skin irritation.
Exclusion of harmful and hazardous ingredients.
Completed the primary stimulation test for all products.

Social responsibility.
Rataplan is aware of its social responsibility, and it strives to fulfill such. As our responsibility to the planet, you, and the next generation, we stick to eco-friendly materials and minimum packaging and practice sharing through CSR products.

Eco-friendly paper packaging.
Use of FSC-certified paper.
Soy Ink printing.

Suncheon Bay is a clean area in Korea with warm sea breeze and clear water.
Rataplan signed an agreement with Suncheon City,and it has been using
Water Parsley grown without pesticides.

Our Aim

Rataplan hopes to fill the world with
its resonance of Clean Beauty that uniquely captures
the essence of the Korean vibe.

Brand Name

Rataplan, the Sound of Drums.
As if a bright, cheerful movement spread throughout the world at the moment of striking a tight drum, Rataplan delivers the values of
a skincare brand that fills the world with the vibe of Rataplan with the essence of Korean clean beauty.

n. [in singular] A drumming or beating sound.

Brand Logo

Rataplan’s logotype was inspired by the coat string of hanbok (Korean traditional clothes) that harmoniously combines straight lines and curves. It was designed based on sans serif font, partially using the restrained curves found in hanbok to deliver stability with almost symmetrical sides and to express the rhythm that you can feel from the pronunciation of Rataplan.

Design Principle

Korean Eclecticism

Rataplan defined the Korean style as eclecticism. Just like old palaces in the heart of Seoul as a modern city and Bibimbap mixed with different ingredients in one bowl, Korean eclecticism wherein contradictions meet and harmonize with each other was applied in various ways throughout the design of Rataplan.

Key Visual

Rataplan uses two opposing graphics, a circle, and a straight line as key visuals to express “Korean eclecticism.” The circle symbolizing the vibe of Rataplan and the overlapping straight lines inspired by the door gratings of Hanok (traditional Korean-style house) are effectively used throughout the design of Rataplan, intuitively showing our design identity.

Brand Color

Rataplan got its colors from natural ingredients in Korea, such as water parsley, omija, mulberry, and citrus. These are also the traditional Korean color of Obangsaek, distinct from the oriental style shared with Japan and China.

Brand Typography

Rataplan consistently uses two English fonts and one Korean font throughout the design. In particular, the main English font is a serif-type font opposite the logotype but was used harmoniously without any sense of difference, showing the design identity of Rataplan as eclecticism.

Brand Experience Design

Rataplan uses its unique logotype, colors, and graphics as the modern interpretation of traditional Korean motifs as design elements, diversely applying them to brand applications for customers to feel the unique image of Rataplan at every experience.